Domaine l’Edelweiss, it is a unique and innovative project, making it the first educational and personal development farm in Mongolia!

Since 2020, Naraa and her team have had the opportunity to make the following observations…

Domaine l'Edelweiss, educational farm in Mongolia - Our history - Teenagers
Domaine l'Edelweiss, educational farm in Mongolia - Our history - Agriculture
Domaine l'Edelweiss, pedagogical farm in Mongolia - Our history - Autism

The young urban generations in Mongolia are completely disconnected from their culture. Their lives are rocked by screens that have become a real addiction. They no longer have contact with the countryside, which is the cradle and soul of Mongolian culture.

Agricultural methods have changed little in Mongolia and pose two problems for nomadic herders: their quality of life remains low and precarious, and extremely difficult living conditions cause a certain aversion among young people who prefer to move to the city.

Children with autism in Mongolia have no structure or support to enable their development and integration into society.

Domaine l’Edelweiss aims to be a meeting and sharing place in Mongolia, combining culture and know-how.

But our educational farm is many more things!

The richness of the site and our infrastructure allow us to welcome families, individuals, businesses… but also any group for which we will be happy to shape an unforgettable stay in Mongolia, rich in cultural and sporting activities, events or training.

Domaine l'Edelweiss,  educational farm in Mongolia - Team