Domaine l'Edelweiss, educational farm in Mongolia - Moi, Naraa, femme de Mongolie by Naraa Dash

What Naraa Dash does not know during childhood is that the disease
will bring her mother and three of her brothers is that the nomadic
heat will reduce the rigor of an implacable climate, is that the cap of
Soviet lead will seal the fate of his people, and finally that her father,
brave and far-sighted, will strive to point him the way. This story is that
of the rise of a woman, from the poverty of the steppes to the golds of
Ulaanbaatar through France and its film industry. From the yurt to
the palaces, she shows her zeal to forge a destiny, to make a place for
herself in a world of men, without fearing anything. At 48, she has already
had several lives, which she tells with the candor of the poor child she was,
and then with the gaze of the blossoming adult she has become. Her
testimony is a lesson in resilience that brings back to the light, that of the
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